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The emergence of the first mass movement against indiscriminate cutting of trees in Khejdali village of Rajasthan, which is 25 km away from Jodhpur, took place in 1731, this village and its surrounding area is dominated by Vishnoi caste.

The basis of culture of this village is 20 + 9 formula. One of the important formulas is to protect the trees.

A movement led by a courageous woman, Amrita Devi, was waged against the cutting of trees under this order,

ordered by the then Maharaja of Jodhpur to get wood to be burnt from Khejdali village.

movement trees

In this Andolan, 363 members of the Bishnoi community who were chopped along with trees stuck to them to save their beloved Khejri trees, these 363 Bishnois included Ramoji, husband of Amrita Devi and her three daughters from http: //

This can be called a spark in the direction of conservation of natural vegetation against the felling of trees in Khejdli.

Presently, the state government has declared the Khejri tree a state tree and has tried to honor the sacrifices of the Bishnois.

Stick movement
Chipko Movement Environment Ando Lan

An endowment was started in 1972 for the conservation of natural forest wealth in the rural area of ​​Tehri Garhwal in Uttar Pradesh

as a struggle was called by the local residents against sticking to the trees by the local residents, hence This endo is named http://chipco_andolan

Current Chipko Ando-Lan

In the present form, the Chipko movement started on 27 March 1973 in a village called Mandal, located in the boundaries of the city of Gopeshwar in Chamoli district of the newly formed Uttarakhand state,

when the then Uttar Pradesh government sent a company called Simon Company of Allahabad to make a tree. Allowed to cut

The local residents said in a rubber that if someone comes to cut the trees, we will protect them by sticking to the trees.

The inspiration of the Chipko movement is currently the father of the Tehri movement Mr. Sundarlal Bahuguna Katha Chandi Prasad Bhatt.

The first organized movement towards stopping deforestation in the Himalayan region started in 1972

under the leadership of the lady Gaura Devi of Chamoli Garhwal region, as a result of which the government was sensitive to the area of ​​1300 square kilometers of Alaknanda trees for 10 years.

Had to ban harvesting

Therefore, the Chipko movement, which is a changing ecology, has become the

international voice of the environment in the context of Chamoli Garhwal region itself.

Thus, Amrita Devi of 1731, as Gaura Devi of 1972, the contribution of women to the Chipko movement

has been paramount in India, she has made our country proud.

Chipko movement objectives

Preventing indiscriminate deforestation
Excess plantation to keep ecological imbalance

Stop deforestation

In order to create awareness among the people about forests, post trips are done by Chipko movement activists

to spread the role of trees to people for special protection and self-reliance.

The main objectives of the Chipko movement for rural development
Planting trees of higher environmental importance than trees of commercial value ___
Developing social forestry and agro-forestry
Resisting construction of large dams to maintain ecological balance
Growing fruitful trees for economic development
On the lines of the Chipko movement, the Epico movement has started in Karnataka under the leadership of Yandurang Agade, in the Kannada language, Epico means Chipko.

The biggest achievement of the Chipko movement is the awakening of consciousness towards conservation of trees in public.

In 1977, the activists of the Chipko movement announced that—:: the main products of forests are not wood but soil water and oxygen.

  • The women of Tehri Garhwal region have given a slogan which is called Chipko slogan.

What is the treatment of forest? Soil water and wind
Soil water and wind are the basis of survival


In the words of eminent agricultural scientist Dr. MS Swaminathan, the Chipko movement is a direct philosophy, a lively idea.

According to Sunderlal Bahuguna, Chipko is not the only Himalayan problem, Varun is the answer to the problems of all mankind.

Therefore, it is the responsibility of every person to protect the trees around them and to contribute

their all in solving the environmental problems by planting new trees Environmental Movement

Important question

Is related to the sacrifice of Khejdali

A Baba Amte.

B Amrita Devi

C Arundhati Roy


Chipko is related to the move

A Sunderlal Bahuguna

Megha Patkar

c m s swaminathan

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